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PostSubject: HOW ABOUT UGG   Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:56 am

In recent years, a strange Australian UGG Boots has taken Angeles.Outfits Los have no meaning.People's feet are dressed for the winter and belly are dressed for Discount UGG Boots,yeah,is a simple difference of 5 degrees here in LA, but you know what I am getting.
Honestly,I hoped it would dissipate over time, and that the climate 'swarms feet and butts are cold and tan lines becomes laughable Cheap UGG Boots come on thetime of summer, the Classic Tall Ugg Boots do not reverse in the closet and save themselves for a more appropriate use.
For a brief moment I thought people taking photographs would see how ridiculous this trend has become abused and UGG snow boots could crawl back into thehem of the pant leg to which they belong, to find a haven in the lower third ofboot cut pants, relieved to no longer be the focus of equipment stupid.

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